Hey 👋

I'm Daniel Wentsch, Freelance Developer & Designer.

Building sites with with Statamic since Jan 2021

First Statamic Site without Peak

Nothing wrong, but it feels a bit empty …


Page Builder

Content Blocks

CLI Commands

SEO Features

Cookie Banner


Peak immediately clicked

What's a Starter Kit Anyway?

«Starter Kits are pre-built site packages that jump-start new Statamic sites with boilerplate code, features, functionality, and even design.»

1. Build Site

2. Create starter_kit.yaml

3. Export

4. Publish (optional)

5. Install


Rob the Kort

Installing Peak


Page Builder & Blocks

Bard Sets

Contact Form

Works with Full Static Caching

Yay, HTML Email!


Keyboard Accessible

Focus Trapping

Click Pattern

Social Icons

Install Block

Installs prefab Page Builder Blocks

Add Block

Create Custom Page Builder Blocks

✅ Fieldset creation

✅ Import import

✅ Template creation

Just add & render fields

🆕 Add Preset

Feature Packages

✅ Collection

✅ Page Builder

✅ Template

✅ Microdata

Add Collection

Add Set / Partial

Don't like the CLI-generated files?

Change the Stubs!

Clear Site

Remove all (!) content

SEO Globals

SEO per Entry

Social Image Generation

Cookie Banner / Consent Manager

Opt-in to Embedded Videos 🆕

Consent Overlay Styling

Picture Partial

Picture Partial and Aspect Ratio 🆕

Favicons & Browser Appearance

Better Dashboard

Custom 404 Page


301 or 302 status

To internal or external

100% Tailwind & Alpine

Views Structure

Tailwind Breakpoints

Tailwind Config Split


Set Tailwind Typography defaults


Root Styles

Responsive Typography

Breakpoint Helper

Container & Grid

Grid Sizing





Individual site style

☝️ Colors / type are not extended by default

npm Depen­dencies

Vite 🚀

npm run dev

npm run build

Stay in touch?

  • @klickreflex@freiburg.social
  • Peak Discord
  • wentsch.me